Raku Fired Lidded Jar

Raku Fired Lidded Jar


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This wheel thrown jar has been fired using the naked raku technique to reveal a bird design coloured with smoke. It is unglazed and burnished for a satin smooth finish and waxed for protection. The leaf on the lid is made from deep purple/blue soft glass.

Raku firing is an exciting process where the work is removed from the kiln at temperatures around 1000oC. It is transferred to a reduction bin filled with combustible materials which ignite on contact with the hot piece. The lid is then sealed and all of the oxygen is burned out of the atmosphere. This process draws the metallic elements of the glaze to the surface for a unique unrepeatable surface. Unglazed areas are coloured by the smoke giving a satin grey to black finish.

Due to the nature of raku firing this item is for decorative purposes only and is not water tight.

It measures 12.5cm x 7.5cm.


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